Friday, April 17, 2009


World-Famous Trademark; World-Class Opportunity
The 7-Eleven Franchise System offers a world-class opportunity to franchise and operate a neighborhood convenience store under the auspices of a world-famous trademark.

7-Eleven's relationship with its Franchisees is multi-faceted. We are not only a franchisor; we also serve as landlord, financing source, record keeper and consultant to the Franchisee. We take an active role in the Franchisee’s business because our success is predicated on their success.

Exceptional Services
7-Eleven provides many services some franchisors either do not provide or, if available, require additional fees. For example:

  • We obtain and bear the ongoing cost of the land, building and store equipment
  • We pay water, sewer, gas and electric utilities
  • We pay for any building rent and property taxes
  • We provide financing for all normal store operating expenses
  • We provide record keeping, bill paying and payroll services for store operations
  • We provide a support structure and a field consultant who meets weekly with the Franchisee to help provide the opportunity to maximize store performance and profitability

Investment in Technology
Our investment in technology and ordering systems leads the industry, and our business model uses technology to put the customer at the center of every decision. We’ve constructed innovative processes to understand and respond to the immediate needs of our customers, and have invested hundreds of millions in the development of a proprietary Retail Information POS scanning system that can:

  • Enable the Franchisee to always have the products their customers want
  • Help simplify store operations
  • Facilitate staffing and delegation

Reasonable Financial Investment
With a moderate investment, you can have an opportunity to reap the benefits of the longevity, stability and proven results of a global company:

  • Franchise Fee –The Franchisee pays a one-time Franchise Fee. The amount of this fee is based on the individual store’s gross profit, which may vary significantly depending on the area.
  • Gasoline Fee – If the store is a gasoline location, the Franchisee pays a one-time Gasoline Fee in addition to the Franchise Fee. The amount of this one-time fee is based on the store’s annual total gallons sold for the prior year.
  • Initial Cash Payment – The Franchisee makes a one-time cash payment in an amount equal to the cost of the store's initial inventory, supplies, business licenses, permits, bonds and cash register fund. As with the Franchise Fee, the amount of this cash payment may vary significantly depending on the area.
  • “Goodwill” Sales – A prospective Franchisee may wish to purchase a current Franchisee's interest in his or her business for which the prospective Franchisee must negotiate a price with the current Franchisee. This is called a “premium” or "goodwill" sale, although no Trademark goodwill is included. The goodwill price is paid to the current Franchisee and is over and above the Franchise Fee and initial cash payment made to 7-Eleven.

Gross Profit Sharing Arrangement
Once you become a Franchisee, your royalty is a portion of the store’s gross profits. In other words, we have a mutually vested interest in your store’s profitability, not just its sales.

Other Advantage
There are many other “no additional cost” advantages to joining the 7-Eleven Franchise System. Here are just a few:

  • Training – Prior to taking over the operation of the store, we provide comprehensive training to the Franchisee. We also provide ongoing training opportunities, including in-store computer-based training programs to help the Franchisee train their employees on virtually every aspect of the business.
  • Indemnification – We provide individual contractual indemnification to Franchisees to help protect them from many of the risks against which most small business persons must insure.
  • Franchisee “Voice” – Through our Presidents Leadership Council, Franchisee leaders and 7-Eleven management work together to constantly improve our system.

7-Eleven® Franchise Department
P.O. Box 711
Dallas, TX 75221-0711

800.255.0711, Dept.-FHP/Net
Please call between 6 am - 9 pm CST

WebSite :

Thank you for your interest in the 7-Eleven Franchise System. Please feel free to contact us for more information. To receive an application, fill out a Franchise Request Form.


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